Call to End Heart Disease


In April 1992 Dr. Matthias Rath and two-time Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling issued their historic “Call for an International Effort to Abolish Heart Disease.” The basis of this Call was the scientific discovery that the primary cause of cardiovascular disease is not elevated blood levels of cholesterol, but a long-term deficiency of vitamins and other micronutrients in our diet.The Call aimed at encouraging the international scientific and medical community to launch a global research effort to confirm this new understanding – with the goal of saving millions of lives!

Because micronutrients are not patentable, there was essentially no interest from established medical institutions to respond to this Call. In April 2015, almost a quarter of a century later, Dr. Rath and his research team finally confirmed the new understanding about the cellular origin of cardiovascular disease in a series of breathtaking experiments.

The scientific confirmation of the new concept of cardiovascular disease was first presented to the public at a symposium in the Dutch city of Maastricht on April 22, 2015. Based on the new scientific evidence available now, the attendees at the symposium supported the “Rath-Pauling Manifesto” – thereby renewing the call to scientists, doctors, health authorities and people worldwide to engage in a vigorous international effort to render heart attacks, strokes and other forms of cardiovascular disease largely unknown in future generations.

Please pass this “Rath-Pauling Manifesto” on to your friends and colleagues. Ask them to support this international effort to “End Heart Disease” with their signatures and their commitment not to rest until this goal is achieved.

Below you will find the original call from 1992.


A Call for an International Effort to Abolish Heart Disease

Heart disease, stroke, and other forms of cardiovascular disease now kill millions of people every year and cause millions more to be disabled. There now exists the opportunity to reduce greatly this toll of death and disability by the optimum dietary supplementation with vitamins and other essential nutrients.

During recent years we and our associates have made two remarkable discoveries. One is that the primary cause of heart disease is the insufficient intake of ascorbate (vitamin C)1,2, an insufficiency from which nearly every person on earth suffers. Ascorbate deficiency leads to weakness of the walls of the arteries and to lesions in stressed regions that initiate the atherosclerotic process.

The other discovery is that the atherosclerotic plaques are not composed of LDL (low-density lipoprotein), but are instead composed of a related lipoprotein3,4, rather which, than cholesterol, is the major risk factor for heart disease.

Moreover, certain essential nutrients, especially the amino acid L-lysine, can block the depositions of this lipoprotein and even reduce existing plaques. We have concluded that the optimum supplementation of ascorbate and many other nutrients could largely prevent heart disease and stroke and be useful in treating existing disease. Published clinical and epidemiological data support this conclusion5,6.

The goal is now in sight: the abolition of heart disease as the cause of disability and mortality for the present generation and future generations.

With millions of lives each year at stake, no time should be lost!

We call upon our colleagues in science and medicine to join in a vigorous international effort to investigate the role of vitamin C and other nutrients in controlling heart disease.

We call upon the national and international health authorities and other health institutions to support this effort with political and financial measures.

We call upon every human being to encourage physicians and medical institutions to take an active part in this process.





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