The number of people suffering from chronic disease is already worrying and will likely increase during the next decades – including even among health practitioners! But by shifting the focus from a primarily therapeutic approach to health care (i.e. focusing on treatment) to a health system in which prevention is given more importance, this alarming development can be stopped.

Recent scientific discoveries of the Dr. Rath Research Institute show that reducing micronutrient deficiencies is not only the key to preventing deficiency diseases, but also to preventing and treating chronic conditions. Only when every person gets access to these scientific developments, and the acquired knowledge becomes part of an up-to-date and evidence-based health approach, will nutrition research truly be at the service of preventive health care.

The symposium on Cellular Medicine should be the starting signal for the spreading of research results and cooperation – between everyone who participated – in the realisation of a preventive health care system. We will ensure that these educative efforts will continue after the symposium. The following professional groups are of particular relevance in this context:

  • Scientists
  • Specialists, Doctors, Health Therapists and Nurses
  • Students

The symposium gives health professionals the possibility to meet people with similar interests and common values.