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We appreciate your interest in Cellular Medicine research and the upcoming ‘Symposium on Cellular Medicine’ in Maastricht.

If you are interested to get more information about the characteristics of this rapidly growing field of medicine and health, please click on the Cellular Medicine tab.

The research results that will be presented at the upcoming ‘Symposium on Cellular Medicine’ in Maastricht come directly from the ‘Dr. Rath Research Institute for Cellular Medicine’ in California. This is the research institution that has been pioneering this new field of health care and medicine over the past two decades.

The speakers at the Symposium are all scientists who will provide you with first-hand scientific information that you will not be able to obtain from anywhere else at this time. As you can see from the program, the main topics deal with cardiovascular disease, cancer and Lyme disease.

The Symposium will also provide you with the opportunity to

  • Meet other scientists and students of life sciences who are interested in science-based natural health approaches;
  • Get background information and ask questions to the scientists who conducted this research at a special ‘science workshop’, which will take place on Saturday, April 25, at 14:00 in the MECC.

If you are …

  • a scientist who is working on certain aspects of biological processes related to cardiovascular disease, cancer or certain infectious diseases then you should benefit from participating in this Symposium; you’ll get new insights in cellular mechanisms as well as into effective regulatory processes in relation to these important health problems;
  • a student of life sciences who is eager to build his/her career on a modern understanding of the cellular processes, you will benefit from provocative new insights in the development and control of heart disease, cancer and infectious diseases;
  • a student or scientist who is interested in science-based biological efficacy – rather than in serving conventional dogmas – this Symposium is the place to be; you’ll be surprised by the breath-taking scientific advances you will hear about first-hand.

If, on the other hand,

  • you are content with the existing scientific rationales for cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases provided to you by the Status Quo,

    if you think it is merely a coincidence that these diseases continue in epidemic proportions – a clear sign that their real origin has not been understood –

    you should NOT bother to come to this Symposium.

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