Welcome to the Maastricht Symposium for Everyone!

The upcoming symposium is about health, about Your health. The information provided will be interesting for doctors, scientists, students and, at the same time, for anyone interested in health. Moreover, it will be presented in a way understandable to everyone.

In short, health and disease are determined at the level of millions of cells. In order for these cells to function properly, they need vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. A long term deficiencies of these micronutrients in our food is the most frequent form of cellular malfunction and disease. If you want to know more about this rapidly growing field of medicine, please click on the Cellular Medicine tab.

Do you know …

  • Why animals don’t get hearty attacks, but we people do?
  • Why we get infarctions of the heart, but not of the nose or ears?
  • That cancer cells use the same mechanisms to migrate and metastasize than certain healthy cells – only under uncontrolled conditions?
  • That there a natural ways to block the migration of these cancer cells?
  • That there are natural means that help control the Borreliosis bacterium, the cause of Lyme disease?
  • That there is a multi-billion Euro industry that does not want you to know the answers to any of these questions?

If you want to form your own opinion in relation to health – come to the MECC on Wednesday evening!

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